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NSP Trooper won’t let pandemic stop Black History Month education


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -Trooper Keith Bell has been with the Nebraska state patrol for more than 18 years.

When he’s not out on the streets—he’s working with kids in the community.

But, since the pandemic hit, it’s been difficult for him to do what he loves.

“A lot of the school districts have declined to have visitors at the schools to ensure that they’re not bringing in extra covid cases,” said trooper Keith ell, Nebraska State Patrol.

But, he has found a way to keep educating the community.

He tweets.

And this month, he’s tweeting history.

Each day he finds a historical African American figure and shares little-known facts all in an effort to inspire a younger generation.

“All children, especially black children, we can excel. We can fit in places. We can be the first police chief in a law enforcement agency like Chief Thomas Warren was. We can be in the Nebraska legislature. We can serve for a very long time like senator Ernie Chambers,” said Bell.

Bell says there is a major reason he is focusing his education efforts on local icons like warren and chambers.

“To take a person like that and other individuals in our community and make it home, kids that live here can say hey, I can be that person. I can be the first female whatever. I can be the first African American whatever. Or you don’t have to be the first just that you can be that,” said bell.

Trooper Bell says it’s important to teach all aspects of black history.

And that means sharing positive stories.

“All we ever talk about is slavery and death, slavery and death and there’s a lot of success. I know we do talk about some contributions but they are minimally talked about,” said Bell.

Through his education efforts, he hopes young kids pick up on one final message.

“I have individuals say to me I know my place; I don’t belong here. You belong every place that every other person belongs,” said Bell.

Trooper Bell says he hopes to keep spreading his message well into the future.

He hopes to be able to go into classrooms to share these positive stories with kids, face-to-face.

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