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Iowa girl raises money for Nebraska Cancer Specialists


CHEROKEE, Iowa. (WOWT) – Valentine’s Day is one to spread love and joy, normally that’s not synonymous with a heart attack.

That is unless the heart attack is coming from a 9-year-old little girl in Iowa.

“I have this Happy Valentine’s Day red heart,” Evelyn George said pointing to a red heart taped to her door.

Like most girls her age, she loves to craft. It’s something her mom, Angela, knows all too well.

One day, when Evelyn told her mom she wanted to raise money to help people with cancer, Angela knew she had to bring out the paper, the scissors and the markers.

“You know, our dining room looks a little like a war zone with glitter,” Angela said with a laugh.

Over the course of a month, they made approximately 2,000 paper hearts.

The project was dubbed “Heart Attack” by Evelyn.

“We’re gonna attack people’s doors,” Evelyn said. “With hearts.”

Angela posted on her Facebook page that “Heart Attack” was an opportunity for people to donate to the Nebraska Cancer Specialists’ Hope Foundation in exchange for Evelyn decorating their front door with paper hearts for Valentine’s Day.

The Hope Foundation is a non-profit that helps people battling cancer. It’s something Evelyn knows a little about.

“My grandpa,” the 9-year-old said over FaceTime.

Her grandpa, Allen, has been fighting esophageal cancer for two years now. He’s doing okay and actually helped deliver some of the 140 “Heart Attacks” to people around town.

“It’s been okay. I’ve wanted to help him and I’ve wanted…I don’t want him to struggle anymore so I’ve wanted to help him,” Evelyn explained.

She certainly did and others too; little Evelyn’s “Heart Attacks” raised over $1,600.

“We try and teach our kids to be generous and giving and this is just one way,” Angela said. “We really have just been blown away by the success.”

Right now, Evelyn might not realize how much of an impact she made on the lives of people with cancer, but she is encouraging other kids her age to do their part too.

“They can…you can do it too and never give up,” Evelyn said.

While it might be too late for you to get your own “Heart Attack” by Evelyn, it’s not too late to donate. Her mom is still accepting donations via Venmo. Her username is @Angela-George-68.

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