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Houstonians line up in Burger King drive-thru during winter storm


HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — As hundreds of thousands spent a bitterly cold day without power during this winter storm, finding an open spot for a hot meal seems like a dream come true.

That was the case as cars lined up in the street outside the Burger King at Richmond and Drexel.

The store was kept open by a skeleton staff doing their best to scramble to serve hot meals to hungry Houstonians.

One customer told ABC13, “When you’re hungry and cold with few options, waiting in line for hours for fast food doesn’t seem unreasonable.”

From morning to night, the line only grew as the day wore on, at times more than 50 cars deep.

Another customer said, “We haven’t ate a meal all day so we’re trying to get a hot meal and eat it at home.”

By 10 p.m. Monday, the Burger King staff finally had to start turning away those waiting in line, saying they were running out of supplies.

Texans were victims to massive power outages that stretched for hours and hours as the demand across the state outstripped supply.

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